Questions & Answers

If you have any questions about an upcoming trip,  you will find your answers right here!

Where do we meet?

We meet all guests on the parking lot of the Emerald Beach Resort.

There is plenty of free parking available.  If you are taking a taxi, there is a taxi stand at the Emerald Beach Resort when you return from your tour.

Is Pick-up & Drop-off Offered?

Pick-up and Drop-off is offered, based on availability on the date of your tour.  Contact us at (340) 227-8383 for details.

What is the cancellation policy?

Bookings for our group tours have 24 hours before the date and time of the tour to cancel to get a full refund.  Exceptions are for groups of 6 or more and Private Tours. Click HERE for more details.


Do I need experience?

No experience is needed for any of our tours. Please ensure to read the restrictions for each tour.  If you have any questions, give us a call at 340-227-8383. 


How do I book a private/custom tour?

Call 340-227-8383 or email


Are there any restrictions?

There are restrictions for each tour. See the page with the tour description and click on the “Restrictions” button.


Are restrooms available? 

The VI Turtle Snorkel Tour has restrooms through most of the tour. There are restrooms where we meet and we stop at the restroom (if needed) after the climbing tours. Most of our kayaking tours have access to a restroom for part of the tour. Please feel free to call us at 340-227-8383 if you have any questions. 


Can I use my own snorkel mask?

Yes, you can use your own mask.  It is often the case that guest’s masks fog up.  Especially new masks, as many manufacturers put a very thin layer of silicon over the glass. 


How do I prevent fog in my snorkel mask?

There are many ways to prevent fog in a snorkel mask. If you have a new mask with tempered glass, you probably have the thin silicon layer on the glass and need to get rid of it. No spit or spray will help as long as the silicon is still on the glass. Some people put their mask in a dishwasher others are burning it out with fire. We are using toothpaste. Use a pea size amount on both the inside and outside of dry mask.  Rub for several minuets.  Let it sit overnight. Rinse thoroughly.   You may need to do this two to three times.  We prefer a whitening paste as there is usually more rubbing compound. 

After that you can just spit in your mask before snorkeling and dip the mask in the water before putting it on your face.      


Can I buy a Snorkel mask from St. Thomas Adventure Tours?

Yes, you can buy a snorkel mask from us. Just contact us and let us know in advance so that we have the correct mask packed for you. If you like we can also do the anti fog procedure for you!

Are you using full face mask?

We don’t have full face mask available. We are not using them because it is harder to communicate with them and in case you are diving down you can not access your nose to equal out the pressure. However, some people prefer wearing them because they like them better and that is perfectly fine with us.  


What sunscreen should I wear?

You should wear reef safe sunscreen SPF 50 or higher (the active ingredients are only non nano Zinc Oxide or non nano Titanium Oxide).  Reef safe sunscreens are required by law in the US Virgin Islands. But it is no question that a rash guard will give you the best protection.

If you have any questions we could not answer, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to answer any new question!