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Kayak and snorkel without the crowds!

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Full Day Rock Climbing Adventure

A full day of hiking, rock climbing and via ferrata on the breezy coastlines of St. Thomas west end.
Rock Climbing Tour on St. Thomas VI

Take an easy jungle hike surrounded by native plants which your guide will tell you about, including medicinal values. Hike at a breezy and rocky beach over large boulders and go through a small narrow cave.

The cave – also called The Gate to Paradise – ends at a easy to climb cliff. Here we will introduce you to top rope rock climbing. We will teach you how to climb, belay and be a confident climber.

Rock Climbing on St Thomas USVI

Your adventure continues with St. Thomas only via ferata. A via ferata is a combination of climbing and hiking, but a distinct step up from ordinary mountain walking. Depending on your skills you can either use a rope to hold, the natural rock formation or both. While you traverse along cliffs you will be secured with special safety equipment. Breaks will be taken to enjoy the breathtaking views, rest, snorkel or do some advanced rock climbing. 

Climbing is not about reaching the top, it is about fun, thrill and the view. And all of that is guarantied on this trip. 




St. Thomas one and only via ferrata
  • jungle hike, five climbing routes (beginner to advanced) and St. Thomas one and only via ferrata
  • time to swim and snorkel
  • A maximum of 6 guests per guide
  • pick up and drop off at your cruise ship port or hotel.  On the way to the climbing location, we will stop at a local deli so you can by your lunch.
  • pictures
Climbing picture
  • All gear and equipment is provided, including but not limited to climbing shoes, helmet, harness, etc. 
  • Includes water and snacks


Ages 13 +

Cost:  $149 per person  

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* Standard tour times can be changed accommodate for earlier or later arrivals for cruise ship passengers (based on availability).  Call 340-227-8383 or email us at to inquire. 


Cruise ship guests: This tour is not available for cruise ship passengers who arrive on ships that are anchored with tender service (your ship must come to the dock).  

Age: 13 and up.   

Physical condition: Participants must be fit, physically active, have good endurance, good balance and coordination, be able to walk and climb over uneven terrain and be able to move at a moderate pace.

Medical conditions: You cannot participate if you are aqua-phobic, claustrophobic (we climb through a small cave), acro-phobic (fear of heights), suffer cardiac condition, are subject to epileptic seizures, have a weakness or medical problems with your legs or arms, are hearing impaired or suffer from vertigo.  If you have limited mobility, you should not take part. 

If you have back, neck, joint or muscular problems, you should carefully consider whether or not to participate. 

Size restrictions: Maximum head circumference: 24 inches. All participants must meet the following size restrictions: Maximum head circumference: 24 ". Min. waist circumference: 24 ". Max. waist circumference: 42 ". Min. thigh circumference: 17 ". Max. thigh circumference: 26". Note:Climbing shoes are provided in the following standard sizes only: Men's 6-13.5 and Women's 5-11. If you are not within these sizes or need to wear a shoe for an extra wide foot, please wear your own shoes for climbing. We suggest either a shoe made for climbing or a low profile sneaker so they are good for slotting into footholds on the rock (bulky shoes are not recommended).

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